About Us

Content creation and marketing that generates sales

Gut instincts just don’t cut it anymore.

Gone are the days when a business owner or CEO could afford to give an ego-driven thumbs up or down to decide whether a marketing or advertising project lived or died.

That’s because times have changed dramatically. The Internet happened.

On top of that, it’s no longer good enough to just have a brochure web site. It’s more about how effectively you use various online marketing tools to leverage your online presence to

  • Clearly communicate your company’s points of differentiation.
  • Connect through your content to build trust and credibility.
  • Follow through before, during, and after the first sale – going beyond the ‘front end’ to get the most customer value possible.
  • Monitor, test, and improve the processes you use in all the above to maximize for exponential results.
  • And more…

Praxis is defined as the application of art, science, and skill.

Praxis Media is about using art, science and skill to create an overall strategy that propels and increases your brand awareness, your sales, and your profits.

It also provides for the creation of various media elements of your strategy on a time-release schedule to systematically feed/drip them into key locations online.

Video, audio, articles, blog posts, social media posts, press releases, infographics, presentations, strategic linking among them all, and more are defined as part of your content creation editorial calendar. These elements and activities are then arranged in a release sequence to create the desired marketing effect(s) your strategy is designed to achieve.

We believe a multifaceted, integrated marketing approach is needed to accurately target, consistently reach your market, and effectively produce leads, prospects, and sales results in today’s business world.

Serious businesses cannot afford to run individual and disconnected marketing programs and not leverage the potential of setting them up to work together.

Art for art’s sake has driven the production of millions of web sites, branding and identity programs. Ego and pure artistic creation have overridden marketing sensibilities. The results? Waste, failures and disappointment, and lost business opportunities.

Science has been almost completely out of the mainstream marketing picture until analytics, automation, and conversion optimization started gaining momentum. Now even small businesses are starting to see the benefits of getting more from what they’ve got.

But this also bring serious competition. Smarter marketers are already expanding their target zones. Many previously mildly competitive markets are now almost cutthroat.

This is because while the average small business is still desperately focusing on how to get a customer today or tomorrow, smarter marketers are seeing the bigger picture and are establishing systems and processes that guide and nurture the majority of customers to them over weeks or months.

And they do this while still automatically getting sales on a daily or weekly basis, too.

Skill can include knowledge and understanding. Skill can literally be (and often is) the glue that makes a project a success or failure. And as you can imagine, it takes a bit more than just having the pieces of the puzzle in a box.

You have to know how to put the pieces together and that takes skill.

With those thoughts in mind, we call ourselves Praxis Media. We are a group with backgrounds in all the areas needed to make your marketing and business development projects a success. We know better than to blow smoke – we tell it like it is whether you want to hear it or not.

You have to understand what we do to the degree that your expectations are inline with the realities of your situation. Yes, in some cases we can make it rain and rain hard. In others we have to plant seeds and nurture their growth before we’ll deliver the harvest.

In any and every case, the foundation of our work is the art, science and skills needed to generate more sales and more profits. Contact us today and let’s see if we’re a good fit for your needs.