Our Process – How It Works

Content creation and marketing that generates sales

Apparently it’s unknown to most businesses that your Strategic Marketing Process is critical to the success of your business-building efforts.

Otherwise, you’d see more businesses flourishing and prospering.

Getting access to or creating the pieces of the ‘marketing success puzzle’ are no longer the problem. It’s become more of an issue of what pieces are needed, how they related and support each other, and what in order they are assembled and distributed.Apologetic disclaimer – This page is admittedly brief in specific details due to the protection of proprietary processes and systems. If we were to tell all, we would surely sacrifice the success of current and future projects and negatively affect the livelihoods of our company and our clients.

Besides, it’s not our job to come up with effective ways to create, distribute and monetize content and media assets and then share our client’s Strategic Marketing Processes with the world.

We are in business to help companies gain competitive advantages over their competitors – not level the playing field for everyone.

All that said, we do want you to understand our overall approach and we can share that without explaining the most important details. The strategic marketing concepts are what you need to understand first, anyway. Lets first run through a number of basic concepts most business fail to consider, much less apply.

You need to look for opportunities to stand out, to differentiate – not blend in. Ask yourself these questions as a starting point:

Have you done any competitive analysis or research?

Do you see another business doing something successfully that you want to do, too?

How do you know they are winning at it?

Are they winning on the front end or the back end or both?

Are they losing somewhere to win later?

Can you afford to do that, too?

Are they working a joint venture that makes it look like they are paying for something that is actually not costing them anything?

Have you actually bought from your competition?

What do you REALLY know about your competitive environment?

You need to stop “trying to keep up” by copying what everyone else is doing in your industry or profession and instead, be the “clear best choice”. Stop being safe and conservative – that’s what average companies do.

But don’t go stupid with silly, impulsive, or desperate ideas that you haven’t thought through to the end result. If you can’t work through each and every step of a marketing program before you do it, don’t gamble on the unknown hoping it will work.

Your marketing should be “predictable” as to the results you’ll get.

You need one or more sources of leads – where will they come from?

Are they pre-qualified or does that need to be part of your system?

What are their buying mentalities?

Will you need to segment them somewhere in your sales funnel?

Are you tracking and monitoring their progress through your funnel, or do you attempt to make a sale and then move on to the next inquiry if there’s no purchase, burning the field behind you?

How many steps are needed in your sales process? Who manages and monitors how it’s working? Is reporting needed – how often? Are there up-sells, cross-sells, etc. in place? How did you choose those? Is there a backend?

Are there joint ventures or other partners to consider?

What are your marketing media elements? Have you thought through a content creation calendar to plan and schedule a smooth release of the various elements in a strategic and integrated sequence to maximize results? Or are you creating media pieces as you think of them and distributing them ‘however you can’ with little forethought – but still expecting remarkable results?

The answers to these questions and others are often the difference between successful marketing projects and those doomed to fail.

And above all, no matter what you do or try, test everything at least minimally, to some degree, sooner rather than later. Figure out your testing priorities and what needs improvement first. Never assume that the first or second on even third version of anything is THE ultimate solution. It’s almost impossible for that to happen, but most businesses never consider that the opinions that went into a project will never be perfect choices the first time out.

A great example is when we see so many businesses get a web site, then do very little to it after it goes live, but still wonder why it’s not making the phone ring or bringing in more sales.

In testing, the goal is to find out what will improve results. And once you realize the value of that statement and the various ‘results’ or metrics that are important, you also instantly understand that HOW you do your testing can make all the difference in how effective your tests are.

Believe it or not, the above considerations are where we start almost every project. It’s just the beginning of a Strategic Marketing Process with a lot to build on, but it’s a very important part of how what we do works.

We charge by the project, usually based on the value of what we expect to produce as results for your business.

Minimally, we expect to double or triple sales, profits, or both in 3 to 9 months depending on your situation.

But as you might imagine, there are sometimes limitations in a business that slows our process. We can still work through most of those situations, but your time, money, resources and willingness to be involved determines the ultimate outcome.

Ready to give us a shot? Curious about how we might help your business? Want to talk through some of the details?

Let’s schedule a call to discuss the possibilities and see where we can take your business.