What We Do

Content creation and marketing that generates sales

Every business can profit from using various media as content.

The problem is that most businesses have limited resources in the form of time, money, and staff.

They often lack the resources to evaluate their situation strategically, formulate a plan of action, create the various media elements needed, then execute that plan to success. For them, testing and making improvements to anything is a joke.

When can they possibly find the time to do that, too?

We do exactly that for those businesses that can’t get it done themselves. And in all that we do, our focus is on getting you measurable, cost-effective results that increase sales, profits, or both.

We may do a series of online videos, pull audio files, write articles based on that content, and then distribute the various elements in sequential fashion via a timed ‘drip’ process to spread across a wide range of key media outlets. These outlets and venues include top video, podcasting, article sites and blogs, and web 2.0 sites.

Alternatively, we may construct and run a multi-faceted social media program to connect more effectively with your target markets and demographics. Target goals might be to generate more ‘Likes’, sell more products or services, run contests or giveaways, build contact lists, or do joint ventures with other businesses.

Other projects may vary greatly depending on what your business needs…

  • Digital scratch-off coupons for mobile devices
  • Reputation management
  • Inbound content marketing
  • Online and offline marketing integration and coordination
  • and more…

Keep in mind all these actions and activities are the tactics, not the overall strategy that defines which tactics are needed to begin with. Too many business keep trying different tactics and completely miss the need for a guiding light strategy that keeps them all on track.

Ultimately, what we do is what you need done to make your business more successful, but without the hype and risk of fly-by-night online marketing wannabes and flash-in-the-pan marketing tactics that do more harm than good (while wasting your marketing budget).

We have the solutions you need and welcome the opportunity to hear what you are up against. Allow us to share insights and ideas that will make a difference in your business.

Every good relationship starts with a conversation so contact us now and let’s schedule a call. As always, there’s no obligation just to talk with us.