Where To Start

Content creation and marketing that generates sales

Where our services start for your business will vary according to your current situation.

There are three basic scenarios you may find your business in right now. And based on which one of those scenarios best fits your needs – that’s where we begin.

Are you still in start-up mode?

If you are just getting established online and need a solid foundation built as a starting point, we begin there. In this type of scenario there are a variety of elements needed based on the resources you have to respond and deliver with on your end.

We evaluate your situation to determine how much business you can actually handle without getting overwhelmed. This is very important because you do not want to waste opportunities or ruin your reputation because you are so desperate or needing sales that you fail to handle inquiries, leads, and prospects effectively.

Are you established, but lacking direction and momentum?

If your business has been online for a year or two and you are starting to see some momentum, we’ll begin with some clean-up, some formal planning and structure, and taking what you have now to the next level – assuming it is strong enough to support the weight and variety of our capabilities, services, and results.

Our plan includes

  • The strategic vision with milestones for specific marketing and promotional activities.
  • The appropriate tactical steps and actions to execute the strategic plan.
  • The measurement tools that show what is working and what is not so they can be fixed or improved.
  • The improvement and testing tools and processes to make it all produce at an even higher level.
  • And that’s just to start…

Is yours a seasoned, well-established company and brand that needs what we do as an additional tool in your marketing arsenal?

If your business is well-established and has a variety of proven and successful marketing processes in place, plus a few more being tested or planned for roll-out, we can help. We can provide an add-on service(s) to create and/or distribute various media elements per your plan. That means we can also plan with you to define what will best meet your target goals and expectations, then roll out a sequential content plan and concept-creation-distribution calendar after that.

In all cases, we don’t just jump into your situation, make assumptions, then fire in all directions hoping to hit something. Your money, time, and resources will not be unlimited so there is always minimally some Q&A, goal-setting, planning and execution.

Testing to refine and improve results usually happens during the course of all projects, but it’s sometimes also needed at the beginning to help define a particular direction.

If you are looking for a slam-dunk, down-and-dirty service, we’re probably not a good fit for working together. Those types of projects are highly prone to accidents, mistakes, and complaints from both sides.

But if you can stand to delay your gratification for a week or two, we are probably a good match for discussing your needs further. You might just find that we move a lot faster than you do and target even more results than what you want yourself.

Contact us to set up a call to discuss your needs. There’s no obligation, no pressure, and no cost – and we promise you’ll hang up your phone having more insights into your future success than you do now.