Marketing media choices

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Marketing media choices

No business is locked into limited marketing media choices.

It’s no surprise that many businesses still look for shortcuts before thinking through a marketing plan that would ultimately solidify and protect their position and brand, produce more of the results they are looking for, and protect the continued accumulation of those results well into the future – while also continually evolving their strategic advantages to stay ahead of their competition. It seems the economy still has a strong smell of uncertainty which not just creates a sense of urgency, but also one of desperation and even hopelessness.

There really are alternatives to using marketing media like video, audio, text and pictures. But they fall into the class of sticking your head in the sand or gambling wildly hoping for a big score. Nothing replaces those basic tools, even while businesses keep searching for something new.

The reason so many lose faith in them is not because they aren’t effective or are too expensive. Let’s be honest here – nothing works well when done poorly or incorrectly. But so often in the feeding frenzy that many businesses become a part of, people lose sight of the required processes that produce the actual results. They want (and often need) instant gratification, sometimes due to the habitual past behavior of rushing into a marketing activity that is poorly planned and even more poorly executed.

They lose money and time and get deeper into a hole that seems infinite. All because they don’t want to ‘know’. They just want results and want them yesterday.

The alternatives to using marketing media aren’t as viable as focusing on what has proven to work over and over. But you need to ask yourself some questions, like…

  • Which media elements are you using and why?
  • In what sequence are they being distributed and why?
  • How are you setting priorities?
  • How are you measuring results?

Ask these questions of how you are using marketing media and you might realize there’s room for improvement in your system or process. Stop being random. Define your business goals and align your media priorities, then plan and schedule distribution. Once you put some order into the confusion or randomness of it all, you’ll start seeing it make sense.

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