Content That Creates Customers

And does it faster than anything else you're currently doing.

Communication is the most critical and crucial element of business.

And media as content is the vehicle by which most businesses regularly communicate with their customers and persuade prospects.

Businesses that struggle to differentiate, get frustrated with the results of their marketing efforts, and continually gamble on what to try next do not have a marketing media/content plan.

It just doesn’t exist for their business.

In those situations there is little more than gut reactions, impulsive decisions and copy-cat, me-too marketing that wastes budgets and resources on seldom-measured, never-tested marketing activities.

Social media posts and tweets are made, but not planned as part of a content strategy to guide prospects from being interested to becoming paying customers.

Videos are created not because of a plan in how they will be used, but to “…just have them so customers can see or understand what we do“.

Content in the form of blog posts, website pages, infographics, pocasts and more is spread around online to “build brand awareness” and “engage the marketplace”, but there’s little or no measurement or testing to make any of it work better or more effectively.

If and when any of it does work, nobody knows exactly why so they can do more of it the same way.

Press releases and other forms of media try to get more exposure and build a following, but there’s seldom anything included in those activities that produces a “measurable” ROI.

It’s just “hoped” that any new recognition turns into money. Somehow.

Again, all this seldom aligns with a plan that connects the various efforts with a strategy for “why”.

And the “why” for every business, whether it’s for-profit or non-profit, is to produce money either in the form of sales or donations.

Praxis Media provides your business with the strategy, the strategic plan mind map that includes the tactical actions, tracking and measurement, and the testing for improvements that produce exponential results (in the form of money, acquired customers and retained customers).

If you’d rather not spend money on media that is difficult to accurately measure results from…

If you’d like to start seeing the ROI you’ve been looking for sooner rather than later…

If you want more certainty on what you should be doing to attract more customers without it being a guessing game or a gamble…

There’s no point in wasting more time or money or continuing to be frustrated.

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