Privacy Policy

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We do not automatically collect any information from our web site visitors to use in marketing and/or advertising to them. We may offer web site visitors or clients, at their own discretion, an opportunity to

  • Opt into an email or print format newsletter
  • Like us on Facebook or interact with us on various social media sites
  • Take us up on special offers
  • Various other situations…

…but in every case, the visitor or client will be required to agree to the interaction. There will also be multiple opportunities for visitors and clients to opt-out of further contact from us if they so desire.

We do not spam and follow applicable laws as well as we can know and understand them. We have no intention or desire to force communication with anyone not wanting it and we will not share any visitor or client information with non-Praxis Media business entities.

If you have received any information that conflicts with the above statements, please contact us immediately.